Acne Out Gel 200ml

Cleansing gel regulating the microbiome

Contains mild cleansing substances that remove makeup, excess sebum and dead epidermis cells. The addition of Quora NoniPRCF has a positive effect on the maintenance of the proper skin microbiome.


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Cleansing and normalizing treatment
Elimination of imperfections of oily and acne-prone skin


  • acne-prone skin
  • excess sebum
  • impurities and widened pores

Cleansing and normalizing treatment for problematic, contaminated and acne-prone skin.
The cosmetologist cleans the skin manually or using a cavitation device and unblocks the sebaceous glands.

After the treatment: do not apply makeup on the same day, give your skin time to regenerate
Recommended quantity in series for maximum effect: 6 every 7-14 days
Effects: cleansed pores, reduced acne lesions

Did you know…?
Shikimic and salicylic acids gently exfoliate the skin, regulate the bacterial flora and remove excess sebum.
They smooth the skin, cleanse it, and prevent the formation of new lesions


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