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Dr. CYJ Hair Filler 2 x 1ml

The Dr. CYJ Hair Filler of the Korean company Caregen Co., Ltd. is a unique mesococktail, which is a harmonious combination of various active ingredients.

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The world’s first hair growth filler.

The preparation has a strong rejuvenating effect on hair follicles and scalp. Improves their microcirculation and nutrition. Accelerates hair growth and stops hair loss. Activates dormant hair follicles. Strengthens thin, fragile hair, restores its vitality.

Indications for use:

  •  female and male alopecia of various origins:
  • multifocal alopecia (up to subtotal and total);
  • a large area of diffuse alopecia lesions;
  • cases of alopecia caused by any type of scarring;
  • thin, fragile, thinning hair;
  • increase in hair survival rate during hair transplantation;
  • improves the effectiveness of alopecia therapy with mesopreparations and obtains faster results;
  • activate hair growth and stop hair loss.


Course: 1 procedure in 2 weeks, for 2 months (4 sessions in total).

hyaluronic acid, decapeptide-18, oligopeptide-54, decapeptide-10, octapeptide-2, octapeptide-11, oligopeptide-71, decapeptide-28


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