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Prostrolane Blanc-B 2ml

The biorevitalizant of the Korean company Caregen Co., Ltd. is a unique mesococktail, which is a harmonious combination of various active ingredients.

Prostrolane Blanc-B is a specially designed biorevitalizer with a lifting and anti-pigmentation effect.

  • peptides of the latest generation;
  • purified hyaluronic acid;
  • long-lasting technology;
  • result after the first use.

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Indications: hyperpigmentation (face, hands, décolleté).

Full course: 4 procedures (Attention! The number of procedures depends on the client’s skin condition).

Hyaluronic acid 0.7%, PBS (phosphate buffer salts), Peptides (Octapeptide-11, Feruloyl Oligopeptide-33, Valproyl Oligopeptide-33, Oligopeptide-92)


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