Derma CollAGE Moisture Essence

Moisturizing and firming essence

A special 2-in-1 formula: toner and serum with a silky texture. It contains hyaluronic acid, which is a unique regulator of skin hydration and an innovative ingredient that supports collagen synthesis.
Application method: Pour a portion of the essence onto your hands and apply to the face patting gently into the skin. Do not wait for the product to be absorbed. Immediately apply Derma CollAGE Moisture Cream to the skin that is still wet.


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Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo da Vinci

Discover a unique treatment that boosts skin hydration levels by up to 63% within 1 hr* after
the treatment.
*based on the manufacturer’s data regarding one of the active ingredients of the treatmen

Moisturisation to the power of three
Derma CollAGE – comprehensive dermocosmetics that provide a multi-level, cumulative and long-lasting moisturizing and collagen reconstruction properties.
This is an essential “water” supplement that ARKANA has created for every skin type. It acts as an electrolyte that ensures water distribution to every layer of the skin and cells, provides valuable hyaluronic acid and is a natural collagen booster. Its properties are based on the original combination of a special regulator that maintains water balance of the skin with unique hyaluronic acid encapsulated in niosomes and an innovative ingredient that imitates a fragment of human collagen. The moisturizing effect is additionally enhanced due to cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which effectively protects the skin against water loss and external factors.

Indications for treatment:

  • for all skin types as a treatment to prevent dehydration and dryness of the skin
  • enhancement of dermoesthetic treatments: mesotherapy, filling up wrinkles, volume restoration and bio-stimulation

Results: visibly moisturized and smoothed skin;
Recommended quantity in a series to obtain maximum results: 5-10 every 10-14 days and as a single moisturising treatment;
Cosmetologist’s advice: you can resume your daily duties immediately;
After the procedure: The treatment at a salon is combined with a special natural sheet mask with 100 % pure Lessonia nigrescens algae, which acts as an intensive moisturizing and soothing compress. To enhance collagen reconstruction, it is worth combining the treatment at a salon with vitamin C and curcumin C- Fusion Glow treatments.


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