Face&Body Lipo Sculpting Solution 2ml

Face & Body Lipo Sculpting Solution is a modern lipolytic for face and body.
• A simple and affordable way to create flawless facial contours.
• Clinically tested and approved by dermatologists, plastic surgeons of the South Korea.
• The drug gently removes local fat deposits (widely used after excess fat grafting with uneven volume distribution).
• Stimulates peripheral blood and lymphatic vessels, the drug has pronounced detoxifying effect.
• In one procedure in the double chin area it can remove up to 2-3mm of fat sediments. A pronounced effect occurs after a course of 2-3 procedures, with frequency of one every 4-5 days.

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F&B product with superior stability and effectiveness compared to other products. It helps reduce excess fat in a short period by selective destruction of fat cells.

• 29-32% reduction in edematous cellulite
• 45-50% reduction in soft cellulite
• 18-22% reduction in dense (fibrous) cellulite.

In the control group of F&B treatment, the best results were observed with mild cellulite, with a result of 45-50%.

Main ingredients:
Sodium chloride, horse chestnut extract, anemone extract (Windflower), Walnut extract, Korean fumeweed or wild rue (Fumariaceae), Fuchsia (Fuchsia), papaya extract (Papaya).

As well as direct lipolytics in mesodoses, and other auxiliary drugs:
Sodium deoxycholate – 0.07% (Destroys the adipocyte membrane, increases it permeability), Phosphatidylcholine – 0.05% (Transforms fats into an emulsion that excreted through lymph), Aminophylline – 1.5% (Provides powerful lymphatic drainage, soft diuretic effect), Hyaluronidase – 0.3% (Decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Characteristics of the drug:
• Solution in 2 ml bottles of white color with sediment.
• Before opening the bottle, you must mix it thoroughly until smooth condition.
• Store at a temperature of +10 to +26 C. (Do not store in the refrigerator!!!)
• After opening the bottle, use the drug within 2 weeks.

• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Intolerance to the components of the drug that are included in the composition;
• Neuropsychic disorders, epilepsy;
• Skin inflammations, skin defects;

• Brand- F&B;
• Problems to be solved – Lifting effect, Double chin removal;
• Areas of application – For face;
• Volume (ml)-2 ml;
• Country of origin: South Korea.


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