PRP Rejuvenator 50ml

Rejuvenating cream with PRP effect

Peptides contained in the cream imitate the effect of platelet-rich plasma treatment, regenerate and restore a young healthy look.

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Fractional stamping treatment with the PRP effect
Therapy totally rejuvenating and rebuilding the skin


  • skin requiring quick regeneration
  • skin with the signs of aging
  • loss of skin density
  • furrows and deep wrinkles

Fractional stamping treatment with the PRP effect
Rapid therapy for mature skin inspired by regenerative medicine. Its antiaging effect is the result of using two peptides: W3 Peptide and GHK-Cu, which remodel the skin and restore its youthful appearance.
An effective alternative to injections with platelet-rich plasma.

After the treatment: you can return to your daily duties the next day.
Recommended quantity in series for maximum effect: 4-8 every 14-28 days.
Effects: smoothed wrinkles, skin regeneration and nourishment, improved elasticity, skin lifting, sustaining the effects of lifting treatments


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