Riox NEO CO2 Carbon Mask 5 x 25g

Non-invasive carboxytherapy with the mask Riox NEO CO2 Carbon Mask – a full-fledged therapeutic system for the restoration of the vital functions of internal tissue breathing and skin cells, based on intradermal molecular CO2 administration (without injections).

5 syringes with gel (25ml) + 5 mask-activators.

For 5 procedures.

Recommended 5 procedures with 1 week interval. Or as needed.

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Advantages of Riox NEO CO2 Carbon Mask non-invasive carboxytherapy procedure:

• express lifting

• elimination of scars and treatment of stretch marks

• stimulation of the adenylate cyclase mechanism of lipolysis

• rehabilitation after aggressive restoration methods

• increasing skins tone and flexibility

• for the treatment of acne exacerbations

• treatment of couperosis

• pore reduction

• detoxification


Instructions for the carboxy therapy procedure:

1. Before the procedure, clean the skin of cosmetics and dirt accumulated during the day, use a product suitable for the skin type. After cleansing the skin, we recommend toning the skin with a tonic to restore the skin’s natural Ph level. If necessary, you can also perform a deep cleansing with gommase, scrub, mild enzyme or chemical peeling.

2. Apply the gel from the syringe in an even thick layer on the skin of the face and neck. It is especially important to use the entire gel in one treatment, as it will gradually absorb into the skin. If you apply too thin a layer, the activator mask will stick to the skin of the face and neck. Avoid getting the gel into the eyes.

3. Apply the mask-activator on top of the gel and press it tightly to the skin. Make sure that the mask is completely saturated with gel, as the consistency of CO2 production depends on it. When the mask comes into contact with the gel, you will feel a slight tingling sensation. You shouldn’t worry about this as it means the mask has started releasing CO2 into your skin. If it starts to cause an unbearable burning sensation, immediately remove the mask and rinse your face with cold water.

4. Press the mask to your face every 10 minutes. Ultrasound therapy can be performed on the mask.

5. After 20 ~ 30 minutes, if the CO2 reaction (crackling, buzzing) is over, remove the mask. Do not keep the mask on for more than 30 minutes. Wipe off the gel with a tissue and wash with warm water. If possible, we recommend using sponges instead of wipes. Treat your face with lotion and apply a cream suitable for your skin type.

The procedure can be used the day before an important event to give the facial skin a glow, an even, healthier skin tone, and to smooth fine wrinkles.



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